Hot/Cold Water Systems

Hot/Cold Water Systems

Direct Fired Water Tank

Hot water storage systems designed for heating and storing water during the cold seasons.
Efficient combustion systems with state-of-the-art burner control give you optimal production and efficiency, with capacities of 2,000 to 30,000 gallons available.

Direct Contact Water Heater








Direct Contact Water Heaters

Water is heated on demand, eliminating the need to heat and store thousands of gallons of water. Heating of up to 185 degrees, with flow rates of 13 to 467 gallons per minute.  Units are up to 99% efficient.


Air Cooled Water Chillers

Available as both stationary and mobile units with capacities from 200 to 6000 yards per day. Our chillers are able to save as much as 95% per yard of concrete, dramatically reduced production costs