Inventure Reversing Drum Mixer

Stephens Inventure Reversing Drum Mixer

Simple Design  *  No Vibration  *  No Noise  *  Low Maintenance

The Stephens Inventure Concrete Mixer is a reversing drum concrete mixer with unmatched performance levels.  Improved discharge speeds, enhanced service access area, and on line monitoring propels the reversing drum mixer ahead of the competition.

  • Mixer Interior

Mixer drum paddles are lined with 1″ polyurethane for wear resistance and ease of cleaning.  Unique paddle arrangement results in higher shear forces within the mixer; resulting in a shorter mixing cycle and more efficient use of cementitous material.

  • Drive Assembly

The mixer drum is mounted on four sets of rubber wheels.  There are no steel on steel wear points eliminating ring gears to be replaced and maintained.  The result is a quit, vibration free operation with reduced maintenance.

  • Emergency Drive

The standard electric emergency drive will discharge the mixer in the event of a power failure.  The drive is also available with hydraulic motors, which stay mounted during regular operation.

  • Camera Door

An optional hatch permits customer’s camera and/or temperature probe to be mounted to view the concrete discharge flow.  This option protects the optics and lenses from any dust generated during the changing and mixing cycles.

  • Discharge

The mixer drum rotates in one direction for charging and mixing, and reverses rotation for discharging into the truck.  The simple system eliminates the need for the costly, high maintenance hydraulic tilt system that is associated with tilt mixers.  This reversing feature also serves to clean the back side of the paddles and prevent concrete build up.

  • Drive Power

Drive power is provided by four motors, which are controlled by a variable frequency drive.  Energy costs are reduced by eliminating all power spikes.  Variable speed control allows the operator to control the discharge rate of the mixed concrete to suit various mixer truck loading rates.  The mixer can be slowed down or temporarily stopped to wait for a truck.

  • Safety Fence

To prevent exposure to any points, we provide full height fencing around the mixer.  It is not only the safest fencing in the industry, but it is also very easy to remove.  Simply undo 4 screws to remove the entire panel, and another 2 screws to remove the post for full access.

Stephens Inventure Reversing Drum Mixer

Stephens Inventure Reversing Drum Mixer