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Kemco Water Heater – Used Water Heater – Used Direct Fire Water Heater

Used 2001 Kemco Direct Fire Water Heater

Slightly used 2001 Kemco water heater in excellent condition.

  • 3 Million BTU Burner
  • Stainless Steel 1,500 Gallon Holding Tank
  • Direct Fire Unit
  • 15 H.P. Pump
  • All Controls and Manuals Included

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Used Batch Plants-Used Concrete Batch Plants-Used Ready Mix Plants

Used Stephens Portable RCC Mixer

Roller Compacted Concrete Mixer

2011 Portable RCC Mixer for Sale, sold new in 2011.  Unit has only batched 27,000 yards and is in like new condition. Unit features a Sicoma MAO-9000 twin shaft mixer mounted on a portable trailer.  Unit is capable of turning any existing dry batch plant into a central mix and RCC plant.  Producing 8 cubic yards per 90 second cycle, the portable RCC Mixer is capable of producing up to 300 yards per hour.

Trailer: The legal width Portable RCC trailer is constructed from heavy duty 173/4? beams, and boasts three 20,000 lb. axles. Standard features include air brakes, turn signals, 5th wheel, and removable bolt on expanded work platform for access to the motor, control center, pumps, and mixer.

Motor Control Center: The complete motor control center comes with soft-start starters and controls for the conveyors, gob hopper, and Sicoma mixer.  Equipment is pre-wired to starters in liquid tight metallic flex conduit.  The complete control center is manufactured on-site and is UL Approved.

Conveyor: Standard 42? transfer conveyor powered by a 50 H.P. motor complete with Dodge reducer, 3 ply belting, vulcanized splice, 5? idlers, and hold down idlers.

Collection Hopper: Designed for the transfer of RCC into dump trucks or ready mix trucks. Automatic jogging of the gate reduces material segregation during the loading cycle; the gate includes a permanently lubricated bronze bushing, 5? air cylinder, and solenoid.  Trailer can be equipped with an optional hydraulic swing away collection hopper.

Mixer: The portable RCC trailer is equipped with a Sicoma MAO 6000 Twin Shaft Mixer. The Sicoma Strength design concentrates the compulsory mixing action in the center of the mixer, giving a more homogeneous mix in faster times while using up to 15% less cement in most applications.  Mixer includes a full width access hatch, standard alarm unit for faulty shaft seal lubrication, waterproof door with non-rubbing positive closing action, swing out drive assembly for fast accessibility, and maintenance free dry shaft seals.

Washout System: The high pressure washout systems eliminates most of the clean up. The powerful pump and twin oscillating spray bars create powerful jets of water within the mixer.  The jets, as well as a hand gun for tough corners makes cleanup simple.

Used Stephens Thoroughbred Portable Batch Plant

Used 1999 Stephens Thoroughbred Portable Batch Plant

  • 90-Ton / 3-Compartment Agg Bin
  • 528 BBL Silo
  • Only Batched 45,000 Yards
  • Ready to Ship

Used Ross Bandit Portable Batch Plant

Used Ross Bandit Portable Batch Plant

  • 800 BBL Main Silo
  • 600 BBL Auxiliary Silo
  • 150 Ton / 3-Compartment Agg Bin
  • 30″ Transfer Conveyor & Ground Hopper
  • 12 Yard Cement & Agg Batcher
  • Columbus-Bin 1492 Central Dust Collector
  • Kice Dust Collector Blow-Back Pod
  • Kemko Direct Contact  Water Heater
  • Given-Hansco Computer System
  • Large Batch Trailer

Used Terex Rustler -R3 Portable Batch Plant

Used 2008 Terex Rustler R3 self erecting portable batch plant.

  • 12 Yard Agg Batcher
  • 12 Yard Cement Batcher
  • 2 – 9″ dia. Screw Conveyors
  • 30″ Charging Conveyor
  • Hydraulic Self Erecting
  • Only 2,500 yards batched
  • Factory Wired & Plumbed
  • 160 Yards per Hour

Used Rex Mobile 5 Portable Batch Plant

Used Rex Mobile 5 Batch Plant in good shape with all prints and parts books.  Can travel in 1 Legal Load.

  • 3 Agg Bins with 2 gates and 22 tons of storage
  • 5 Yard Cement Batcher with Butterfly Valves
  • 5 Yard Agg Batcher
  • 30″ – 15HP Charge Conveyor
  • 7.5HP Cement Screw
  • Cement Aeration Blower
  • 900 Cu. Ft. Cement Silo
  • 3″ Badger Water Meter
  • Plant is Wired for 460V 3Phase with 115V Transformer
  • Travels in 1 Legal Load of Freight

Used Erie Strayer 12 Yard Drum Concrete Mixer

Used 2002 Erie Strayer 12 Yard Drum Mixer in excellent condition.

Used Stephens Original Mustang Batch Plant

Used 2003 Original Stephens Mustang Batch Plant.  Plant is in like new condition with many options and extras.

  • 150 Ton – 4 compartment Agg. Bin with inline layout
  • 12 Yard Agg Batcher with AR Liners
  • 36″ Transfer Conveyor
  • 800 BBL. Double Wall Split Silo
  • 2 – 4″ Fill Lines per Compartment
  • 1 – 14″ dia. Screw Conveyor
  • 1 – 10″ dia. Screw Conveyor
  • 12 Yard Cement Batcher with SV-20 Dust Collector
  • Fugi Aeration Blower
  • 15HP 240 Gallon Air Compressor
  • SOS-3400 Central Dust Collector
  • 30″ X 90′ Radial Stacking Conveyor (532 Tons per Hour)
  • 15 Ton Dump Hopper
  • Manual Panel with Remote Controller
  • Command Alkon Spectrum Easy Cal
  • 3 Axle Transportation Package