Continuous Feed

The continuous (or ‘pug mill’) concrete mixer model MAO/C gives a stream of mixed concrete based on volumetric proportioning. Material is fed into one end from two or more aggregate conveyors, cement screw feeder and flow-metered water. The powerful twin-shaft mixing action transforms the raw materials into a continuous stream of mixed concrete suitable for RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), flowable fill and other less critical high-volume applications.

The MAO/C is smaller and lower in cost than the MAO twin shaft mixer for an equivalent output, per hour.


Using the same principle and most of the same components as the MAO twin shaft mixer, the MAO/C continuous concrete mixer is powerful, fast, rugged and requires little maintenance. Its bearings and shaft seals are the same as used in model MAO.


The paddles in the MAO/C mix the concrete while conveying it down the length of the mixer and eventually out of the discharge door at the far end. Mixing is thorough and the resulting product is homogeneous.


Lubrication of the shaft seals is by the same grease pump as used in the MAO. The patented triple seals are good for many years of operation with no maintenance. Bearings and seals have positive separation, to eliminate contamination and wear of the bearing even if the seal should ever leak.

Applications are in high production of roller compacted road beds, mine backfill etc. Dump trucks can be filled by running the mix into a surge hopper while the trucks get into position. Alternatively, the whole system can be shut down while this takes place.