Twin Shaft Mixer

The MAO series heavy duty concrete mixers are the most widely used twin shaft models in the world today; over 6000 in use, worldwide, in ready-mix, precast, block, paver and dam applications. These concrete mixers produce well over 1 million cubic yards of concrete every day. Their compact size allows them to be retrofitted into existing batch plants, in most cases doubling output without the need for two concrete mixers and splitting of material feeds.

The art in concrete mixing is to make a batch of concrete quickly and completely. The MAO’s powerful compulsory spiral mixing action throws particles from each side of the mixer towards the center, where they combine; the water is forced through powerful jets into the mix, where it is absorbed completely, allowing the cement slurry to coat all the aggregate particles uniformly, forming the strongest concrete.

  • Heavy duty mixers for ready-mix, pre-cast, block, pavers, and dam applications.
  • Able to produce a batch of concrete quickly and completely.
  • Mixing occurs in free space above the mixer floor to minimize wear on the inner and outer plates.  The outer 70% of the lined surface is rarely touched by concrete.
  • The Sicoma strength design concentrates the compulsory mixing action in the center of the mixer, giving a more homogeneous mix in faster times.  It also uses 15% less cement – a huge savings for most applications.